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Assessment of the safety system on a door with guard locking – the new EN ISO 14119
The use of guard locking on safety doors has long been a proven technology for protecting machines with overtraveling movements. Guard locking ensures that the safety door cannot be opened until the machine has come to a complete stop.
Proven Systems - Proven Safe
Categories and Performance Levels acc. to EN ISO 13849-1: The existing safety engineering still ensures the protection of person and machines in future...
Exhibitions 2014
Come and visit EUCHNER at one of the International Exhibitions.
Jetzt noch flexibler – die einfache Farbblendenanpassung des Sicherheitssystems MGB
Now even more flexible – straightforward color cover adaptation on the safety system MGB
The world-renowned safety system MGB from EUCHNER is now even more flexible and permits users to change the colors of the pushbuttons themselves.
Application report - EKS Light at Löwensenf
Passwords often provide inadequate protection against improper operation. The mustard maker Löwensenf therefore uses the EKS Light electronic access control system.



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